Journalism Awards for Property Excellence


The theme for the 2023 SAPOA Journalism Awards for Excellence is: Authentic journalism is good business practice.


In today’s increasingly volatile socio-economic and political world, quality journalism that is fair, accurate and unbiased, remain critical. It is less about the story and more about the layers and context of the story that need to be explored. The SAPOA Journalism Awards for Excellence are designed to applaud local media who use their words boldly to tell the truth and challenge the status quo.

The media landscape is changing at a rapid rate. While presentation on different media platforms used to be important not too long ago, the key to success in media nowadays is content, irrespective of the platform on which it is featured. Most journalists nowadays work across platforms and it is not unusual for someone considered to be a print journalist to also produce videos, audio, online and social media offerings.

The SAPOA Journalism Awards for Excellence needs to keep abreast with these changes and, as such, we are revamping our categories this year to align with this. Categories will now be content-driven as opposed to platform or aesthetics-driven. The awards seek to identify well-informed, researched and credibly presented in-depth reporting that makes a difference and reports objectively on the property industry.

The winners of the different categories will be honored and rewarded irrespective of the media platform in which their stories were first published. This will be announced at the 2023 SAPOA Anniversary Convention & Property Networking which takes place from 19 – 21 September 2023 at Sun City